Announcing Memoir Writing Made Easy from Dudley Court Press

US Arizona (8-12-2015) — Most people leave behind traces of their lives as memories that are eventually lost forever.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. By creating a memoir or legacy book, people can leave a story for future generations. Such an autobiography can give descendants and future generations an alternative view of a person’s life and history of time. A memoir book can strengthen family ties through generations with a collection of memories and stories.

Gail Woodard, founder of Dudley Court Press has mapped the way for people to create a memoir book with Memoir Writing Made Easy.  The book sparks creative outlets to yield insights and remembrances to write about. There are exercises for re-discovering lost memories and forgotten life experiences. Then there are instructions for writing with clarity and creativity using proven writing techniques Gail has practiced for years helping authors focus on strategic book development.

“Gail is a fierce advocate for her clients. She draws out the best in them and insures that they speak with authenticity, clarity and confidence,” states Tina Graf, a freelance editor.

Memoir Writing Made Easy is over 100 pages with where and how to get started directions, how to story outline, structure, writing tips, family considerations, editing, proofreading, publishing, and more.  “The four forms of writing frequently used for natural storytelling include anecdote, character sketch, vignette, and story,” Gail tells us.

“Everyone has a book in them but very few people get one completed during their lives. Then the stories and information is lost forever. Even people with the best of intentions for writing that book one day either procrastinate until it's too late, believe they cannot write,  or have no idea where to start,“ says Woodard.

Memoir Writing Made Easy is currently $27 and available at

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