Organic Pretend Food Choices Set Now Available for $29.99

EL PASO, TX - June 30, 2016 — Her Pow has revealed a discount code for its recently released Organic Pretend Food Choices play set. The 125-piece set, now available on Amazon for $29.99, features miniature plastic toys representing all four food groups and includes healthy, organic choices. Kids can play for hours while learning. Items include a six-slice pizza and ice cream. Now discounted from the original price of $44.99, the items are equally suited for boys and girls from three and up.

The play set is intended to encourage healthy eating. Miniature plastic items include apples, carrots, watermelon, bananas, chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower. Kids can also pretend shop for and cook with eggs, oranges, strawberries, and French bread. From hamburgers and hot dogs, to organic milk, potatoes, and ice cream, there’s more than meets the eye. Juice cartons and condiments make the set even more realistic. There’s also cherry pie, cucumbers, and more for full, hearty meals.

Fun food fact labels enhance the experience and help kids learn about organic and healthy foods. Used with other kitchen play sets, the pieces allow for hours of imaginative play. The company doesn’t recommend trying to eat them, however, but toddlers can spend many hours coming up with pretend meals.

Perfectly suited for small children, the product is used in doctors’ offices and preschools. Each package weighs 1.9 pounds. Free shipping is available on orders over $49 while customers can take advantage of secure shopping, 1-Click ordering, and a Wish List. The product can be purchased at $29.99 per set, with free shipping on orders over $49 while customers receive a complete refund if they or their child are not satisfied.

Organic Pretend Food Choices can be purchased now on Amazon.

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