Flowing screeds, also known as liquid screeds, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and we are seeing similar market behaviour across Europe. So much so that they are now the market leader in many European countries.


The short answer is because they are incredibly easy to pump and result in a super smooth finish.

But there are many benefits.

The screed comes as a pre-mixed, factory-blended screed solution. You receive it bagged, and simply need to mix the formulation with water to provide a flowing screed. The screed is then pumped out as a fluid mix, spreading naturally to form a smooth, level surface. Hence the term self-levelling screed .

Compared to traditional screeding there are many advantages. First of all, it can be laid much faster — you have the potential to lay up to five times more floor area in a day. It can also be laid at lower thicknesses, which is one of the main reasons it has become such a popular alternative to traditional screeding. Finally, it sets more quickly, meaning contractors can lay a floor finish sooner. And there are other bonuses. For example, self-levelling flowing screeds can be better for underfloor heating. This is because they are more responsive when they heat up and cool down, making the system cheaper to run.

What do self-levelling screeds offer?

The Hi-Flow range is our best ever screed, the result of months of research, testing and tweaking. We have refined the key properties to achieve:

-Super smooth finish
-Non gritty texture, making it incredibly easy to pump
-Free flowing, as well as self-smoothing and protein free
-Fast setting and hardening times
-Greater flexural strength
-Thin section to feather edge

We are extremely proud of the results. As an example, Pozament Hi-Flow screed was used in The Shard, now the tallest building in Western Europe. Because of the building’s height there was a real challenge associated with pumping the screed up and laying it. We devised a complete solution, including a special formulation engineered to prevent separation under the extreme amount of pressure associated with pumping the screed so high. Everyone was delighted with the result, and our screed pumping technique has proved to be revolutionary in the UK industry.

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