18, June 2015: In the modern society, young presidents yearn for the leisure movie scene in which the actors sit in the office while drinking coffee. However, in reality, they are always on business trips and are busy reading financial newspapers and giving lessons to their employees. They are too busy even to take a breath. Therefore, commuting is a headache problem for these presidents. Driving a car is not environmentally-friendly and riding a bike is tiring. Although riding a traditional electric scooter saves time and energy, it is not in accord with president’s social status.

Airwheel 0 S3

The advent of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter offers a brand new means of transport for the young presidents. Airwheel two-wheel self-balancing scooter is fantastic, symbolizing youth and vigor of the young. Also, it is environmentally-friendly with low-carbon in line with the modern lifestyle. Besides, it is classy and elegant, embodying the owner’s distinguished identity. Airwheel S series scooter is specially customized for the men in good figure, wealth and perfect appearance and is the best commuting choice for the young elites.

Airwheel S series is divided into S3 and S3T models. Airwheel S3 is elegant traditional blue which feels calm while S3T is coloured with fashionable bright orange. All the Airwheel electric self-balance scooters are equipped with the world most advanced intelligent chips. Airwheel S3 in accord with the status of young presidents is unique in that it has in-built double high-tech intelligent chips, which makes riding easier, and guarantees safety with speed-limit protection mechanism.

Airwheel Scooters1

Airwheel S electric scooter caters to the global trend by carrying on the wild style of Lamborghini. Besides, it is unique in its simplicity, vogue, classiness and gracefulness. Airwheel S electric scooter’s premium cross-country rubber tyres and the total-seal design of the carriage enable it whizz anywhere freely regardless of the slope of road, wind and rain. Your appointments will not be delayed due to Airwheel electric scooters.

The new era offers a new means of commute for the people, especially the presidents. Airwheel S electric two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is fantastic with intelligence, green with low carbon and luxurious with elegance, which manifests the vigor of the young, distinguished status of the owner and helps make travel relaxed and enjoy the life.

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