Customers looking to buy ammo online can consider LAX Ammunition. They have established themselves as the leader in high quality reloaded rounds at reasonable prices. They are able to provide ammunition at cheap prices due to the fact that they reload their products right here in their U.S. based factory. To reload ammunition, they collect old casings and reshape them using a rigorous and carefully controlled process. Once they are complete, they are available for customers to buy ammo online.

One of the things that established LAX Ammunition has a big competitor in the ammo industry is the fact that they also manufacture their own brand of factory-new rounds. These rounds come complete with their own LAX head stamp. For those who are looking for to buy ammo online for cheap, LAX’s factory new selection is affordable and of the highest quality as well. Their prices are often the cheapest available nationwide.

When it comes to buying ammo online , there are many options available, so it can be hard to choose the right one. The three big things to consider are quality, price and shipping speeds. LAX Ammunition delivers in all three areas. Their quality is among the best in the industry and they are also one of, if not the cheapest, places to buy ammo online. Additionally, their shipping network is well established which keeps shipping times to a minimum.

About LAX Ammunition

LAX Ammunition enables their customers to buy ammo online with ease and simplicity. Their prices are so affordable because they reload ammo right in their U.S. factory in Inglewood, California. They also offer their own brand of reloaded ammunition, as well as brand name rounds from Winchester, Remington, Federal and more. To browse their selection, head to their website: or visit their Pro Shop at 234 S. Hindry Ave. Inglewood CA 90301. Phone number: 1-855-407-2666.

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