We all know how cramped a house can get if we don’t have a place to store the items that we only use once in a while. Not only will these things get in our way most of the time, but most of them will also be at risk of getting damaged or broken. Instead of filling our garage with all sort of tools and items that we rarely use, and have to park our car outside, we should consider investing in buying a Duramax shed.


                Duramax is the leading brand when it comes to vinyl sheds, and this is because of the fact that, as the name implies, these sheds are designed to last the test of time. This was achieved through the reinforcement of the wall columns with galvanized steel which increases the durability and strength of the sheds. Not only that, the Duramax sheds have increased durability due to the fact that they are fabricated using a fire retardant vinyl which also is UV resistant. Unlike most sheds which are made with polypropylene, a material that can be severely affected by sunlight, these sheds are made to last a very long time. The best thing about the sheds made by Duramax is that they are designed to be maintenance free so we can forget about having to repaint them. 


                 Because of the fact that the Duramax sheds have a solid structure, they can come in a variety of sizes. We can choose to get a small size shed which is an 8x8, or we can get something bigger like a 10x8, a 10x15, or even a 10x30. It all depends on how much storage space we need. Compared to regular sheds, these vinyl sheds made by Duramax are truly a best buy as they are easy to install right out of the box and come with a 15 year warranty. The shed is designed to be water tight, but this is achieved only by applying silicone on the running edges of the roof ridge caps, and around the washers on the roof plug caps.


                We may wonder why we should choose vinyl sheds as opposed to metal or wood sheds. The fact is that the Duramax sheds are made with DuraResin which does not degrade in time, as opposed to metal which can rust or dent, and wood which can rot or be attacked by termites. The only downside can be considered the fact that these sheds only come in one color. We can easily bypass this by choosing to paint or apply a colored layer on top of the vinyl. Painting the sheds is not recommended as no matter what kind of paint we use it will degrade in time and give the shed a bad look, requiring us to periodically repaint it. However, if we do choose to undertake the task or painting our sheds we should know that we need to use a special type of paint that is recommended for PVC. Overall, the sheds made by Duramax are a great choice for anyone that needs extra storage space.

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