Flagging down a taxi, getting up into it and directing the driver is a pleasure most of us like to enjoy. People would say that travelling in a public bus or train or the metro is way cheaper than traveling in a taxi but don't we all know that? But we also know that a taxi is like cheuffeur driven car till the time we are in it. Hence, when you are in Angers in France and require a fine ride don't hesitate to flag down a taxi à Angers.



Is it important to know French to hire a taxi à Angers? Well, if you know French it is definitely an advantage but English should do. Some of the taxi drivers know English. Even if they cannot speak properly they can understand. And then there is the universal sign language that all of us somehow manage to speak. The French are still not exactly in love with anything English but you can still get by.



So where should you go when you hire a taxi à Angers? Angers actually gives you plenty of places to visit. Angers is closely connected to the history of France and it has had important roles to play during the Renaissance period and during the French Revolution. Some of the top places to visit include the Château d'Angers and the Maison d'Adam. One of the major landscapes in Angers is the Saint-Maurice Cathedral. The bell tower known as Tour Saint-Aubin, dominates the skyline of the city. The other two places where you must visit are Abbaye du Ronceray and Hôpital Saint-Jean.



And of course there are shops and eateries that take you back in time and let you enjoy the French culture at its best. When you are in Angers you will never have time to just do nothing. At the same time parts of the city are still in those olden times and you should really enjoy being here. Angers is all of 42.7 km2 and as a tourist you would want to cover most of this area. And nothing beats a taxi à Angers for this.



The fares for taxis start from €2.30 and for each km the fare is rather inexpensive at €0.80. For each hour of waiting you pay €20.20. When you compare with the rest of France this is rather economical and hence you shouldn’t hesitate using a taxi here in Angers.



Angers is a historical city and you don't want to miss all those historical sights of the city. You can save a lot of money on conducted tours and by traveling in buses but you will not have the entire time for yourself. If you want to spend more time at a particular place you may not be allowed to, especially when you are part of a conducted tour. But with your taxi à Angers there is nothing to worry in this matter. You have your taxi for the day and you can take your own sweet time to spend wherever you want to.



A taxi à Angers  is required if you are interested to explore this historical city. To find out more about taxis in angers click on http://angers-taxi.fr .