The China LED screen manufacturer Hitiled has introduced the JX LED video display, a lightweight, portable and customizable LED video display designed for indoor commercial and entertainment applications.

“Understanding that our clients often need to relocate their messaging to better serve their business and promotions, we are very excited to announce the JX LED video display,” said John Thomas, Hitiled Director of Marketing. “A breathtaking addition to our line of award-winning LED video products, the JX LED video stand is a truly redefining product for the consumer retailer, restaurant and entertainment industries. By giving our clients the opportunity to move and customize their messaging wherever needed, we have created complete, indoor mobile marketing.”

Designed as a dynamic replacement for traditional static and backlit signage, the JX LED stand is a self-contained 2.5mm pitch/resolution video display with a sleek design for easy mobility throughout any space. With a standard IEC power connection, its Wi-Fi connectivity allows for convenient networking and content updating to maximize the viewer experience and its magnetic modules allow for easy onsite service.

Using the Nova control system, the JX LED stand is customizable with multiple base options including a freestanding weighted base, a kickstand base, a rotator stand and wall-mount options as well. The LED display of JX can be further customized to a specific size with an assortment of color aluminum frame options and can create seamless right angles to wrap around 90 degree corners wherever needed.

It is expected that JX series led screen wall will be hit in the market for indoor advertising events show.

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