HJ has just released her new video about how eating dark veggies daily can make stretch marks less visible

The reason why stretch marks are so visible and make all women embarrassed about them is the fact that the color of the stretch marks is lighter than the color of the rest of the skin. So HJ figured that if she is able to make the skin the same color, the stretch marks will be less visible.

So, she decided to look for natural ways, except tanning to make the skin look tanner. She immediately remembered about fruits and veggies that have dark color and how they make the skin looked almost tanned after a few months of eating them regularly.

So, she created a diet plan for stretch mark removal based on carrots, beet-root, plums and blueberries. She decided to eat at least half a pound of carrots each day, and to make at least one liter of beet-root, plums and carrot juice and to drink at least half of liter of this juice every single day.

Because she was really determined to see results through her diet plan, she followed this eating plan for over one month. And she was really happy to see that her diet for stretch mark removal has worked and that with this new idea she had she was again right.

Her stretch marks were less visible, and she looked so tanned that a lot of her friends asked her if sh has been on a long vacation in a warm area from the Ecuator.

When she wanted to cut down the intake of juice, she remembered the fact the not only her stretch marks are less visible, but she also had more energy and felt much better ever since she used to consume so many dark beggies and fruits daily.

So, HJ is not able to tell other women that once they will stop drinking so much juice their stretch marks will be visible again, so she recommends drinking so many juices on a long rin because it improves the health and makes the skin really young and smooth. This is the reason why there are women who are over 50, look really tanned and their skin is almost like the one of a young baby.

For those who want to know more about the dark veggies that were proven to make stretch marks less visible, here is the url of HJ’s latest video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMzu5mgZsNk

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