HJ has just released her new video about how to find the best stretch mark cream . Her video shows the features a good cream for stretch marks must have and for the women who prefer natural remedies for stretch marks, HJ has even presented her stretch mark removal homemade lotion.

HJ KNEW THAT ONE OF THE SECRETS OF GETTING RID OF STRETCH MARKS FAST was to use a cream that will increase the elasticity of the skin and to rejuvenate it faster. So, she looked for a few criteria women should follow when trying to buy a cream.

The first important ingredient is Aloe vera extract. Another thing HJ recommends in the video, is about long tail ingredients. She recommends women to avoid creams that have ingredients with very long name that does not sount natural, because this can lead to skin cancer.

The 2nd important ingredients are vitamins like C, A and E. These are a must for the women who also want to have a young skin for a long time, as these elements are part of the most important antiaging cream ever invented.

She also recommends cocoa powder, olive oil and coconut oil. The creams that have green coffee extract have been proven to have high efficiency against cellulite and stretch marks.

At the end of her video, she speaks about an easier way, something mush cheaper than a stratch mark cream. She gives out her recipe for her stretch mark lotion.

Her recipe is very simple. Women must mix olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut butter and lemon juice. The mix must be heated till all the ingredients get mixed together.

Once the mix is refrigerated it can be used up to 3 months, if stored in the refrigerator. Hj HAS USED HERSELF THIS NEW lotion and since she was really happy with the results on her skin she decided to create her new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcFebkcgukA

Of course, once people watch her video, they can always go ahead and do as instructed in her stretch mark removal video.

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