HJ has just released her new video about how to reduce stretch marks fast by applying coconut oil on the skin, in the areas where women have stretch marks.

This stretch mark removal tip is also great for the women who want to lose weight or to keep their current weight, because it has already been proven by Rice University that one of the easiest ways to increase burnings is to consume about 15-20 grams of coconut oil each day.

So, in her new video she recommends coconut butter for cooking as well, because it is usually organic and has no toxins.

When it comes to the healing properties of the coconut oil, HJ read a few documents for the Health Department because she wanted to know if this is something that the government approves.

First she went on Amazon, and bought a jar of coconut butter. She bought the cheapest organic one she could find. She immediately started to rub it on the skin where she used to have stretch marks. Because she had no clue about any tricks that could help her reduce her stretch marks faster, she did not use any derma roller or massage brush, so she was only expecting to have a huge improvement just by the coconut oil alone.

So, she applied the butter early in the morning and late in the night. After 2-3 weeks, she noticed that her stretch marks were less visible, so she continued the therapy against stretch marks.

After 2 months, her skin was smoother than ever, and she didn’t have cellulite anymore, because she also applied the coconut butter on her thighs and butt, areas where she had a little cellulite.

Hj considers that just by applying coconut oil on stretch marks, you will not remove stretch marks, but you will definitely reduce them.

For those who are interested in getting rid of stretch marks, at the end of her video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAeaIR_cF4M , she has even refered her system for stretch mark removal, a system that she recommended to all her subscribers and that made her really happy because of the results other women had as well.

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