New York City, NY, August 29, 2014: Information security is one of the biggest concerns of companies that handle private information of customers and clients. The numbers and severity of threats to companies and their data have grown exponentially in the last ten years. It has made cyber security an expensive responsibility that companies are obliged to fulfil. Therefore, it can be difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to maintain adequate levels of security. Ho’ike Technologies is a company that provides its premium service, CISO-On-Demand, to fill the security gap for small and mid-sized organizations. In addition to their consulting services, Ho’ike Technologies also provides security certification and awareness training to information security personnel, IT staff and an organization’ staff-at-large. 

Online services are a part of daily life for many. When people share their sensitive information with vendors, they expect and deserve to be protected against security breaches. Security professionals have seen an increase in salary as well as perks such as work-from-home, paid training and more personal-time-off in order to attract and retain the more skilled information security officers. Many small to mid-sized businesses simply cannot compete for the services of a well-heeled CISO in this landscape; that is where Ho’ike Technologies comes into the picture. Ho’ike Technologies provides not only a working CISO for the organization, but can provide a complete information security team to supplement current staffing levels. 

According to the ‘Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis‘, which was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM, the average total cost of a single data breach has increased by 15% to $3.5 million. The average amount paid for stolen or lost confidential information has increased by more than 9% to $145 per record exposed. Evidently, the cost for information security is increasing with the rising threat. The CISO-On-Demand service launched by Ho’ike Technologies is a feasible and suitable solution for all businesses that cannot afford nor may want a full-time team of dedicated security professionals. CISO-On-Demand provides adequate data security to cover the needs of the client, at a reduced cost of a full-time staff. 

Ho’ike Technologies’ vision is to be an organization that provides every enterprise a robust security program. Ho’ike Technologies can provide your organization a dedicated security professional or a team of professionals, depending upon the needs of your organization. By allowing Ho’ike Technologies to provide CISO-On-Demand services for its clients, these clients are able free up their time to focus on business development and revenue generation. Ho’ike Technologies can design a solution to suit every organization’s needs. 

About Ho’ike Technologies: 


Ho’ike Technologies is an information security service provider in based in New York City. Presently, Ho’ike Technologies provides complete information security consulting services as well as training and certification in various relevant technologies and techniques. The company has also launched its premier product, CISO-On-Demand service to cater to need of small and mid-size businesses. 

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