The wide array of attractive, quaint Spanish villas on offer in Menorca may have been one of the main contributing factors for the 2.1 million passengers estimated to have gone through the local airport this peak season. 

The exact figure of 2,121,631 passengers relates to the period between April and September of 2013, a higher figure than that registered in the same period in 2012. 

The data supplied at a local meeting of the island’s main organisations for tourism also highlights the arrival of the first Thomson Dreamliner flight to the island, as well as the new inbound and outbound flights connecting Menorca to destinations such as Leeds (England), Manchester (England), Stockholm (Sweden) and St Petersburg (Russia). 

Despite the increase in the global number of passengers, due in no small part to Menorca’s increasing reputation as one of the prime spots in which to rent Spanish villas, the number of passengers from particular individual countries has taken a toll. Spanish visitors to the island, for instance, numbered only 863,465, a decrease of 5.7% with regards to last year. Other countries have seen a large number of nationals pass through Menorca airport, but a relatively low number actually stay and visit the country or enjoy a holiday in one of the many Spanish villas. Cases in point include Denmark, which saw a staggering increase in Menorca airport users in relation to 2012, and on a much lower scale the Czech Republic and Norway. 

These numbers were taken to mean that the diversification of tourist markets for the island is not going as fast as initially desired, a trend which might be countered by the aforementioned expansion in the number of airlines flying to and from the island, as well as the increase in the number of destinations tourists can fly to and come in from. 

Menorca airport is the 16th busiest airport in Spain, where the bulk of air traffic continues to centre on the Barajas airport in Madrid and the El Prat airport in Barcelona. 

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