When not shooting a film or television series, actor Donal Logue — known for roles in ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, ‘ER’, ‘Blade’ and ‘Ghost Rider’, among others — spends his time behind the managing desk of his haulage company, based in Central Point, Oregon, USA. 

Logue, Canadian-born but of Irish descent, founded his company, Aisling Trucking, in 2012, and shares ownership with two other partners. He also holds a Class A commercial driver’s license, and is qualified to drive tractor-trailers and tankers, including carriers of dangerous materials. 

According to the actor himself, his self-confessed fascination with trucks stems from growing up in a small town on the Mexican border, and embarking on frequent drives to Los Angeles with his cousin, James O’Shea. On these escapades, the duo drove a 5-ton lorry, and Logue would try to fix any problems along the way himself. From there to driving his own big rigs was a very small step. Even when his Hollywood career began to take off, lorry-driving was always present as a sort of ‘plan B’ for downtimes and stress relief — a role it still fulfils to this day, as Logue told the major American newspaper LA Times. It also helps keep him energized, gives him a sense of accomplishment, and works well with Logue’s active, bustling nature. 

Aside from the haulage company, the actor also owns a hardwood company, also located in Oregon, where Logue is currently based. As a result, the Hollywood film star often finds himself travelling the I-5 between Los Angeles and Portland, to check on loads from both companies. In his own admission, he is lucky enough to have the understanding and support of his agents, who pose no objection to the actor’s ‘side-projects’. 

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