(Free Press Release) Multi-Office & Franchise Home Care Agencies Can Track, Measure & Monitor Offices With Achievements Module.

San Diego, CA June 10, 2011 -- HomeTrak, the leader in home care management and scheduling software, today announced the release of HomeTrak Companion's newest feature, Achievements. Users of HomeTrak Companion with multiple offices, franchise structures or single offices desiring measurement tools for target goals now have access to the powerful Achievements functionality.

HomeTrak Companion's Achievements allows users to view dozens of reports and shows how well offices meet weekly or monthly goals. Rick Morey, President of HomeTrak Software explains, "In communicating with our user base we discovered that agencies with multiple locations or franchise home offices were struggling to connect the data dots for effective goal management. With Achievements, home offices can set measurement parameters and the data is automatically uploaded from each location, providing the home office with an instant and ongoing eye on performance."

In the new Achievements module of HomeTrak Companion, users can view data in many ways including a stoplight report which illustrates in green (above average), yellow (average) and red (below average) areas of measurement as well as graphic representations with various charts. Users can sort the data in many ways to create reports for individual achievements, historical overviews and much more.

Achievements is fully customizable and offices can set up target values and choose what measurements they would like to run based on the fit for their agency. Achievement measurements can include number of new clients, target hourly billing rate, hours scheduled, new referrals and many more. Once the target goals are set, the Achievements section will run automatic reports for the agency to measure actual metrics with target goals. Morey continues, "This is the first time multi-office agencies can effectively measure goal performance and make educated management decisions with benchmarked data. We are extremely proud to office this feature and believe it is another way HomeTrak Companion sets itself apart as the best in home care scheduling and management software."

Additional features include the ability to change or adjust target goals at any time, which will not affect historical data. HomeTrak Companion stores all historic targets and allows for accurate measurement over time. As the company grows, targets can change and it will not affect the historical picture of the agency.

HomeTrak has provided a demo video about the new Achievements feature included here: www.hometrak.com/ls/demo13.swf. To view all demo videos, please visit www.hometrak.com/general/experience-it.

For a free demo or to view videos about updated features in HomeTrak Companion, please visit www.hometrak.com or call 1-866-740-6011.

About HomeTrak
Since 2001, HomeTrak has been owned and operated by an experienced private duty homecare industry team. It is this depth of experience (well over 25 years) and commitment that builds this superior software to enable clients to meet business challenges. Owned by Rick Morey, Alex Kapteyn and Ray Kapteyn, the company now has well over 1,100 satisfied customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. As a homecare leader, Rick is a charter member of the National Private Duty Association (NPDA) and serves on their board of directors. For more information visit HomeTrak on the web at www.hometrak.com, or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/hometrak.

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