Knoxville, TN — Honey is a tasty treat that is beloved all around the world, and it has uses other than for consumption. One does not have to look far to find other applications outside of the kitchen.

According to Yahoo Shine, one can utilize honey to clean cuts, fight parasites, get rid of acne and make lip balm. Honey can be used in the bath to help moisturize skin and add a pleasant sent to one’s body. The versatility of this product has been known since ancient times, and there are applications ranging from beauty to medical care. Yahoo Shine states honey can also be used to:

- Shine hair
- Fight insomnia
- Soothe sore throat or cough
- Releave anxiety
- Wash one’s face

There are many more creative uses for honey making it well-worth the investment given its utility. However, not all honey is created equal. It is important to shop around to find high-quality products screened and vetted by trained professionals. The benefits of expertly processed honey are easily discernible from cheap substitutes.

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