(Free Press Release) Environmentally friendly, yet scientifically proven to kill a wide spectrum of microbes including the bacterium responsible for Strangles, CleanRound equine and pet care products are regularly used by the charity HorseWorld to ensure that their animals and the charity's Isolation Unit remains clean and free from infection following an intake of rescued horses and ponies.

Clean Round donates 1% of product sales to HorseWorld (registered in England, Charity 1121920) to further their work to save the lives of neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys. We are also working together to raise awareness of the often fatal Streptococcus Equi bacteria and to provide horse owners with information on preventing Strangles.

For more information or to support HorseWorld, go to http://www.horseworld.org.uk.Clean Round Shampoo, Rug Wash and Yard Wash are available for world-wide distribution, buy online at http://www.cleanround.co.uk.