As humans spend their lives accumulating all kind of things, the same logic holds for information. After spending large amounts of time amassing all the data, computer owners find it hard finding viable solutions for storing it. Some of them buy bigger hard drives, others rely on external storage devices like external CDs, DVDs or thumb drives or even external hard drives. Some less fortunate might even consider deleting older folders containing diverse information detrimental to the new information. Smarter ones follow a growing trend in the market, and that is cloud storage. Another one is hosted exchange. Continue reading to find out more about these services!

Although cloud storage exists for some time in the IT landscape, as far as the 50’s, there still could be those that ask themselves what it is. So basically cloud storage means storing data off-site on a system maintained by a third party. Thus, instead of saving all the data on your personal computer, you save it on a remote database. The link between your PC and that database is the internet.


When one hears about this term, it might mislead him to think about weather condition or storms. But actually they are pools of storage managed by data center operators, which use storage virtualization to augment the resources as per the requirements of the clients, which can use them as storage files. As all things, they have advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages over traditional data storage are the availability of the data from any location that has an internet connection and with the right cloud storage even others can access the data, provided they have certain authentication information.

DWDrive provides its customers with military grade security for the user’s transferred data, gives you zero upkeep, zero maintenance and programs that cost as little as $6.95/ month for unlimited storage. It is one’s responsibility to protect and keep one’s information/data. This is why DWDrive is here to keep you safe and secure. You can try the 14 day free trial to convince yourself of the great services that they provide!


All of the above can be translated also on e-mails, but this time escalated to the level of small and medium businesses. Once a company outsources their e-mails to DwDrive hosted exchange it would enable its employees collaborate, communicate and share resources anywhere, including at the office, at home or on the road without involving the costs of buying and maintenance of expensive servers and software. Information and communication are most important nowadays.

Use DwDrive Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 to stay updated with your information, either through Outlook installed on your desktop computer or through the Outlook Web Access available on any web browser also on your iPhone/iPad/Android/ any other mobile device. For the hosted exchange one can also find standard account services, as well as additional ones, depending on the specific requirements one has.

Do you want to access your data from anywhere and from any PC, tablet or phone? Have it stored someplace secure and at a click away? Outsource your e-mail? Communicate and share resources easier? Contact DWDrive and find out more about cloud storage and hosted exchange!