All tech issues require explanations. Not because one does not know them, but for a better grasp of the concept. Hosted desktops enable the usage of the virtual desktop by professional users, through display updates, mouse and keyboard movements, with additional traffic made by audio and print jobs. But have you heard of hosted windows desktop or citrix hosted desktop? Such products can DwDrive offer its clients so why don’t you visit their website and take a look at the items and services, as you may find something you like?


The hosted desktop is your desktop, from any location, on any device. This type of hosted desktop based environment will maintain and migrate the data storage to the cloud. The hosted desktops from DwDrive are accessible via secure connections from any broadband internet connection and also from the 3G ones. They are based on a Windows Server 2012 with an additional management layer provided by Citrix. They also provide backup and disaster recovery solutions.

This citrix hosted desktop replaces the traditional desktop experience, without any difference felt in the visuals by the end user. The rich user experience is provided through the variety of devices and platforms. The citrix hosted desktop is available online using internet 24/7/365 from anywhere.

The hosted windows desktop can be connected at from any computer, thin client or even iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets or phones using internet connections, even 3Gs. The hosted windows desktop can be accessed using all types of computers from the point of view of the operating system. Both hosted desktops provide a 99.99% Uptime SLA, 24/7 monitoring, different storage capacities depending on needs and specifications, and secure encrypting. Besides these, there are other features worth taking into consideration in making DwDrive your service provider.


Clients, as in business organizations, can choose to outsource its productivity applications, which are hosted by DwDrive, rather investing in the company’s other more important directions and objectives. They also take into consideration the data being bad handled while stored on-site. Being in data centers the risks are decreased, the safety is improved, updates are done regularly, and access to the data can be made for more than just one individual user, thus increasing the productivity. Also, by multiple connections the communication is enhanced.

By using hosted windows desktop or citrix hosted desktop the actual space required by the computers is decreased, the freed “space” will now consume less energy, thus you “go green”. From the point of view of the IT costs, they are decreased by 40% or even more, the thin clients do not require hard drives, thus they will last longer than traditional computers and are in need of less maintenance. And also the company is secured against data leakage due to the data being saved at the data centre, not on on-site computers or hand-held devices.

Looking for the best citrix hosted desktop or hosted windows desktop? Not decided which company provides top of the line services? Visit the website and convince yourself!