The popularity of bamboo products rises year-after-year as consumers continue to make more ecologically-conscious decisions. Bamboo captures 35% more carbon than trees that produce wood. It has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel and it can tolerate extreme conditions and depleted soils that most plants or trees cannot. Bamboo is a grass and like many other types of grass it can grow and re-grow very quickly. These are just some of the benefits of Bamboo.

With the rise of bamboo’s popularity, many companies have started switching from wooden to bamboo products. One such company is Houston, TX based Premium Lifestyle Products which has just launched its new Premium Bamboo product line.

Premium Bamboo is selected from first-class bamboo shoots in high mountain ranges as the raw materials to produce consumer-products including but not limited to bamboo cutting board sets. Besides the ecological advantages of bamboo, consumers find the naturally antimicrobial features extremely beneficial compared to the high risk of salmonella contamination that is often associated with wooden and plastic cutting boards.

Despite the many benefits of bamboo, the only downside that bamboo has compared to plastic and wooden cutting board that it’s generally slightly more expensive. However, to celebrate the launch of Premium Bamboo’s product line now being available on, the company is currently offering a 30% discount on all their products. Consumers can go to and search for “ premium bamboo cutting board ” and enter the promo code “PREMIUM1” at checkout to reduce the price of a 3-piece bamboo cutting board set to under $20 which is a great buy considering the durability, high quality, and aesthetic appeal that bamboo delivers.