Austin, Texas; 15, August 2015: Rome fell over 2,000 years ago, but the rich legacy of the Roman people and their accomplishments live on today. So much of what the Romans did and discovered has shaped everything from the roads we use to the way we run our government. For the relatively short time Rome was a world power, its influence has been immeasurable, but what if Rome never met ruin? How would it look today and in the near future? ROME 2030 is a new mobile game that sets out to answer this question.

ROME 2030

Mega mobile games that create exciting virtual realities are becoming more popular than ever with people of all ages. In the alternate future of Rome 2030, players vie to make allies or dominate the Empire's 21rst century foes. Rome 2030 will offer gamers all of the elements of multiplayer games, including world development, factions, wars and battles and the ability to go into space and explore the galaxy of the future. The goal of the game, of course, is universal domination.

The game is meticulously designed and will be based on actual stars and planetary information from the Kepler project. There are plans for 5,000 different possible systems for colonization. Players will be able to trade with others in-game, build and develop starships and interact with NPC's of various types.

Rome 2030 will also feature its own crypto-currency, the AureusCoinâ„¢ which is already being traded in real world exchanges. This is one of the first games ever to release a crypto-currency to the world of gaming.

Tony Howlett, president of, has put together a full team to design, develop and test Rome 2030. His brother Kieran is technical officer; Jason Hawks is legal and tester along with game design and experience; Dack Guitterez is lead 3D. Each of the development team members has been featured in local Austin news.

“When we came up with the concept,” says Howlett, “there was so much instant excitement generated that we were able to attract some of the best game designers in the world. We decided that starting a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter would expedite its development and help us bring it to the gamers as quickly as possible.”

This is a mammoth undertaking and is expected to be one of the best mobile games on the market. To meet the demands of such a huge task, Howlett and his team are using crowdfunding to raise an impressive $100,000.00 for ROME 2030.

All of the proceeds will go into the game's final development and marketing. It is a strong hope the team will have a chance to showcase their game at major conventions and possibly on television.

Anyone with an interest in gaming, Roman history and science fiction can visit the Rome 2030 Kickstarter site to learn more, and put their contribution in so that they can join the ranks of the very first gamers to play.

About Tony Howlett:

Tony Howlett is the President of Ingz, Inc. and Executive Producer of Rome 2030. Howlett founded IngZ, Inc. in 2010 with his brother Kieran with the aim of making interactive mobile games that have engaging stories. Howlett was executive producers of Traveller AR, a mobile MMO-RPG based on the classic Traveller pen-and-paper role playing game. He was also pivotal in the production of TouringZ, TourGuideTool, “Only In Cincinnati” and “365 Things to do in Austin”; all geolocation travel apps.

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