Do you want a more attractive behind? You can have it, as long as you consider some butt injections consisting of a safe substance that is biocompatible and that can literally enhance your buttocks. However, not everybody qualifies for this procedure. To see if you make a good candidate for bioplasty, because this is the name of this procedure, it is recommended that you visit a certified cosmetic surgeon.

The surgeon will firstly ask you about your medical conditions, invite you to have some blood samples taken that he will analyze to see if you suffer from any disease or disorder, and discuss clearly your preferences regarding your buttocks. Still, there should be mentioned that there is a certain dosage of the substance that will be injected into your buttocks, dosage that must not be exceeded for your safety.

Therefore, if you plan to order more buttocks injections just to transform your buttocks into something truly big, you have to know that your doctor will advise you not to do this, once because this is dangerous, and two because a big buttock does not look that good as you might think. This also goes for girls or women who want to have huge breasts and when they have them, they want them smaller.

After the preliminary talk with the doctor and after the results of your blood tests, you will find out if you are a suitable candidate for bioplasty. If you are, the next step is to take the exact measurements of your buttocks and see the best areas where the butt injections will be performed. As imagined, those areas are less firm than others, and usually seem empty. Luckily, with the help of these dermal fillers, they will begin to look more natural.

The progress of how these buttocks injections will work their magic on your buttocks could be presented to you by your doctor on a computer. Exact information on the dosage of the substance that will be injected into your buttocks and the areas of your butt where this substance will be injected are also presented to you by the doctor, to allow you to understand better the entire procedure of butt augmentation and of everything that it involves.

When everything is clearly understood by you, the doctor will schedule you for the procedure. Please note that this type of butt augmentation takes place in Colombia and you need to spend a couple of days there to have your injections done. The procedure presents the advantage of an immediate recovery, that is why you do not have to spend more days in Colombia.


How would you like to have men waiting in line to take you to dinner? And how about you, descendents of Adam, would you like to impress women with your physical appearance? This can rapidly be achieved if you take butt injections

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that consist of a safe substance known as Metacrill that can make your buttocks look better for a long time and that are performed only by certified cosmetic surgeons in Colombia, please contact us today.