Japan - From the simply theory, any kinds of the MCU could be broken by the sufficient investment and www.icunlock-mcucrack.com time of an attacker. This principle should be remembered by all of system designers. Therefore, all of electronic product design engineers should be necessary to understand the current methods of the MCU crack and Silicon IC crack. The winning would be established on the fully understanding about the enemy. The fully understanding about the attacking methods of the MCU hacker could effectively prevent the counterfeiting for products which have let the system designer spend a lot of money and time. All of factors below are the advice of the engineer from website www.icunlock-mcucrack.com which is the high reputation MCU hack company.

Before the selecting for the encryption chip, the engineer should have fully research to understand the new progress of the MCU crack techniques which have included which kinds of microcontroller has been already cracked. People could also apply the microcontroller with the new technology and new structures. This would increase the difficult level of the MCU crack.

The commonly microcontroller would generally have large output characteristics. In that case, people MCU crack should choose the relatively uncommon and the partial upset microcontroller which could increase the difficulty of counterfeiter procurement. The uncommon microcontrollers such as ATTINY2313, AT89C51RD2, AT89C51RC2 and motorola are all difficult decryption chips. Currently, there are very few people who are familiar with these MCU so the fee for MCU crack is quite high.

In the condition of the controlling of cost, the engineer should use the smart card chip with hardware self-destruct feature which could help the MCU effectively deal with physical attacks. This kind method would highly increase the cost for the MCU hacker. On the other hand, the cost for the establishment for this kind of protection method is also very high.

If the condition is permit, the engineer can also use two different types of single-chip for the mutual backup and mutual authentication. This kind of method could also increase the crack costs. Compared with the former method, this kind of method would be the most suitable choice for the system engineer who wants to carefully protect their new developing MCU chip.

However, the best protection for the MCU should depend on the IC unlock fully understanding about the MCU crack and Microchip MCU unlock method. From the fully researching for website icunlock-mcucrack.com, people would have more knowledge about the cracking method for MCU. This company for this website has been in the industry for MCU crack for many years. They have many experiences for cracking and protecting for the MCU and other crucial chips.

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