Fire extinguishers are vital for any home or office area where fire could be a risk. In most shopping centres, offices, theatres and other public areas, you will notice fire extinguishers fixed to the wall and fire exits. These fire extinguishers may sit on the wall for many years, but they could end up saving many people's lives.

Fire extinguishers contain the right chemicals to tackle the fire. Fire results from a reaction between oxygen and some sort of fuel in the atmosphere, such as wood or petrol. Something will need to be a very high temperature in order to ignite this fire. A cigarette, for instance, is a very common cause of fire. Despite many smokers believing that they have extinguished the cigarette completely, an ember may still be burning at the end of the cigarette which could light and ignite a fire. alat pemadam api

When a fire begins to burn, it can spread very quickly. Some fire safety videos show that a whole room can be alight in just 60 seconds. There are many flammable items in a home or workplace. In a home, you will see curtains, paper, wood and so on. In a business environment, you are also likely to see a lot of paper, as well as electrical equipment, computers and flammable stock items.

The fire will continue to burn as long as there is enough fuel and oxygen to keep it going. The more that is in the fire's path, the more it is likely to burn and cause a lot of damage. tabung pemadam kebakaran

An extinguisher works by removing at least one of the elements that the fire needs to survive. Of course, most people know that water is needed to help put out a fire. However, this is often not enough when a fire is more established and it also depends on the type of fire. Another popular type of fire extinguisher is a pure carbon dioxide extinguisher. The carbon dioxide will form a gas in the atmosphere which is heavier than oxygen, so it displaces the oxygen and dispels the fire. isi ulang pemadam api

A dry chemical foam is another popular type of fire extinguisher. The chemical that is often used is baking soda, which will start to compose at around 150°F. When it does this, it releases carbon dioxide which can help to smother the fire.

A fire extinguisher is a sturdy metal cylinder, and when you press the lever at the top, it works much in the same way as an aerosol can. This will dispel a suitable chemical over the fire at very high pressure to attack the flames. It is best that you aim the fire extinguisher at the root of the flames or over the fuel source for maximum effect.

So make sure you purchase the most reliable and efficient fire extinguisher for your home or business.

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