HIV refers to Human Immunodeficiency Virus and STD means Se xually Transmitted Disease.  HIV is a form of STD, a disease that is primarily passed on to another person when a se xual activity is done.  Vaginal se x, oral se x, anal se x, rimming (or oral-anal contact), frottage (rubbing up without insertion), mutual masturbation and kissing are forms of se xual activity.  If you’ve had unprotected se x with different partners or been exposed to someone’s blood or you just want to be sure that you do not have HIV or STD, you may want to have yourself tested and anonymous STD testing is the best way to do it.


Some men and women are reluctant to get tested for HIV/STD because they fear the stigma and discrimination associated with such diseases.  However, there is a way to protect your name and privacy, if you want to have a test.  This is called anonymous HIV testing or anonymous STD testing, whichever is the case. These tests are different from the confidential HIV/STD tests, where you will be required to give your name and some other identification to be attached to the test results. The confidential HIV/STD test results will be part of your medical records and will be shared with your doctor/s and insurance provider only.


In anonymous HIV testing or anonymous STD testing, the results will not indicate it’s yours’, basically your name; age, gender or any identifying information will not be asked or stated in your report. Instead, you will be assigned a code number that you need to give to get your test results.  The result of this test will not become a part of your medical record and will not be sent to your medical health providers too.


Total privacy is offered with anonymous HIV testing and anonymous STD testing, which encourages more people to get tested.  In fact more HIV/STD cases were detected through tests that were done anonymously. More people are curious to know about their HIV/STD condition.  This helps in controlling the spread of the disease because infected people can take appropriate measures, so as to not pass on the disease to their partners.  Besides this, they can also seek early care, support and treatment.


Anonymous HIV testing and anonymous STD testing is done by using the Rapid HIV test kits, where the results are obtained within 20 minutes of the test, compared to 2 weeks waiting for other types of test.  With rapid testing, your anxiety associated with the long waiting period is reduced and you are informed of the result in person and on the very same day.


While anonymous testing is not offered in all medical facilities of all states, you will be referred by the health practitioners to a nearby anonymous testing site, if you want such a test.  If your result at an anonymous testing site is positive, you may choose to change the test results from anonymous to confidential and you now give your name and other information.  The reason for this is for you to get proper medical care and housing and other support services.  You need not wait for the results of a second test to confirm the real scenario, to get this help.


Text: Now don't worry about revealing you identity when doing STD testing. You can now avail of anonymous STD testing or anonymous HIV testing.