29, October 2016: Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is committed to bringing out the joy of technology, and to practicing our cooperate culture: “Free Intelligent Life.” Airwheel electric scooter always aims to make friends with consumers, and cherish every bit of sincerity its friends show to it.

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Airwheel electric scooter always aims to make friends with consumers, and cherish every bit of sincerity its friends show to it. It is undoubtable that friendship is the most valuable thing to everyone. And it is undoubtable that the longer you keep a friend, the more special this friend means to you. Airwheel's success is built on enabling customers to live freer, providing them with an intelligent companion, helping them find passion and joy from life, to realize higher personal value.


Airwheel electric walkcar has become an indispensable partner in many people’s lives. Dear consumers, our friends, how long have you been with Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter? For Airwheel green hands, first, thank you for choosing Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter. Maybe you are attracted by the cool and fashionable designs or the novel experience brought to you by Airwheel intelligent power scooter or something else. It is believed you are now gradually accepting Airwheel as a friend that truly improves your life.


For those who have been played Airwheel for a while, you must have learned about the strong performance of Airwheel electric walkcar in range, stability, power, and safety. Definitely you have known that in modern transport, Airwheel mini electric scooters are the good choices which give you a more convenient and comfortable life. Now, Airwheel has become a friend of yours and friends are able to get good understandings of each other.


For those veteran players of Airwheel eco-friendly folding electric bike, they have watched Airwheel’s growth and progress and helped Airwheel through all tough time. They are the most valuable friends of Airwheel electric mobility scooter. Thanks for accompanying Airwheel so long. They have totally grasped and accepted the eco-friendly and user-oriented ideas in designing and producing Airwheel. Now Airwheel scooters must have been a necessity in their daily life.


Airwheel electric mobility scooter is very happy to work hard for a more beautiful future for all city residents with you.

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