Thomas Oldham offers quality SEO strategies to bring a client website higher in the rankings. The benefit is more traffic to company web pages and potentially more business.

World Wide Web, 07-July-2015 -  Thomas Oldham, SEO consultant is pleased to announce that he offers his expertise in applying search engine optimization to client websites. The SEO consultancy recognizes the value of SEO in optimizing online marketing efforts. It makes the client's website easy for search engine robots and users to understand and access. A business website requires good SEO ranking in order to be easily identified by Google. Without SEO, the cost of advertising goes up significantly.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, Thomas Oldham explained, “SEO is a methodology of techniques that ranks a website on the first page of Google when some keywords are searched. According to research, the number of visitors to a website is increased by proper use of the techniques. Typically, the first page of search results captures 80 per cent of the searchers. The second page captures fifteen per cent and the third page is only viewed by five per cent of searchers”.

The quality of the search engine optimization is made up of two parts: the website quality and link sharing or link building. Websites that rely completely on purchase of website comments, blog posts or government links are likely to be banned by Google search robots. Instead, the back-link building is critical to grow traffic to the web page. Real visitors are the key to increase the ranking of the website.

Thomas Oldham provides high quality SEO consultant report. Three elements are provided to the customer: suggestions for appropriate keywords, ways to improve the website and an effective link building strategy. The number of links are less important than the quality of back-links. Customers are able to track the effectiveness of the strategy using Google Analytic.

Learn more about SEO consultancy by visiting the web pages at now. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Thomas Oldham at the location provided below.

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