These seemingly never ending economic doldrums lingering since 2008 are straining consumer’s budgets. They constantly search for ways to save money everywhere! Insurance premiums continue to be on the top of the list for their homes or condos. But, are they their own worst enemy when it comes to shopping for the best policy or premiums? Why are they missing so many discounts and savings opportunities?

Unfortunately, without realizing it, most people are trapped in a typical “impulse shopper merry go round”. What is this is a trap? They only call BIG name BIG advertiser direct captive insurance companies because that’s all they hear or see. They impulsively shop only at State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, or Geico for example, because of the BILLIONS spent on ads. After checking with 3 or 4 of those, you’re worn out and settle for spending more money than if they had chosen a broker. Consumers do this without realizing the big companies are virtually all about the same. Sure they usually have multi-policy, claim-free, new, renovated and renewal discounts. These are as common as the sun rising each day.

What captive direct companies can’t offer are the many discounts that an independent broker has access to. One independent broker (Bob Korvas – offered a list of over 15 companies that provided combined discounts in addition to all of the discounts mentioned above.

What are so many consumers missing for example? One refreshing change that educated shoppers have learned is that they can save even more money choosing an independent broker with discounts like platinum or gold level credit card ownership 5 to 10%, Early quote/advance submission up to 30%, union, teachers, association, major company employee discounts are also out there. In fact if you love and play organized baseball, companies will give you 10% off.

Not only will you find more discounts and bigger savings opportunities, but the broker will also do all the comparing for you. You won’t get worn out calling 3-4 places for only one quote per call. A good broker does all the shopping after only one interview on the phone. The next time you think about saving some big money look to try something new! Get off the merry go round. Find your new insurance company with an independent broker. To quote a well known office supply company Staples motto, try the “…easy button.” call a broker.

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