It is quite stressful for many people to have their STD screening done in their family doctors’ clinic, even if the test to be done is confidential STD testing. For them, it is not easy to talk to their doctors regarding the required test.  They also find it overwhelming or stigmatizing when they are to visit a clinic to have an STD test. Add these factors to the aspects of ease and privacy and the online STD testing becomes a very excellent option for them.


Online STD testing websites may offer fast and accurate results, but this is not the only thing to consider when you are looking to get tested through the internet. Not all testing sites are well regulated, unlike the confidential STD testing done in medical health facilities. So, when looking for STD testing online, make sure that you do thorough research to find a reliable website.  Some important considerations are explained below.


The simplest factor to consider when shopping around for an online STD testing facility is to know what diseases the sites test for. This is just like choosing a testing clinic or a doctor to consult, you shouldn’t screen websites routinely. Most testing sites online may only offer to test a few infections.  The most common diseases that you might want to be tested for include: Chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and herpes.  In case that the test that you need is for a more esoteric disease, you might as well go to the confidential STD testing of your state’s medical facility.


If you’re choosing to get tested online, you will be paying for the opportunity to mail your blood sample, in which the quality of the test cannot be ascertained or whether your ordered kit will ever be delivered to you.  You are not even aware what kind of test the online STD testing company will run for your sample and you are not sure whether the sample that you provide is of high quality.  The quality can deteriorate in the mail.


The method that will be used by the website in delivering your test results to you is as per your choice. You can take the option of either a phone call to your office or through email or through post; it’s all up to you. You are free to choose any option.


Some testing websites, like the clinics that offer confidential STD testing, offer links for the medications too, it’s similar to a confidential testing center outside. There also the doctor starts treatment immediately, if you are tested positive for any of the diseases you were tested for.


Testing online can be convenient and can give you accurate results, but you should not forget that testing is just the beginning. If you are tested positive, you should make sure that you start treatment for it immediately.


You can now do confidential STD testing with online STD testing. Click on the links to learn more.