So much of the internet now revolves around social media. These aren't just social sites anymore; they're also major marketing centers. You can choose which social media platforms to focus on, but you should have a presence on the biggest ones. Out of all the social networks, Twitter is probably the easiest to figure out and use to your advantage. If you want to have a large number of Twitter followers, this article will give you some good ideas on how to achieve this. We'll also talk about how to develop solid relationships with your followers.

You always want to reply when someone says something to you directly. If someone takes the trouble to contact you with a comment or question, they deserve a reply. If someone says something nice about one of your tweets, thank him or her. If people say something to you and don't get a reply, they won't just stop talking to you, they'll stop following you. When you answer people you also help to contribute to the wider community, which can get you even more followers. It can really help your business when people see you as a real person who takes the time to reply to them. This can only do good things for your follower numbers.

Time your tweets so that the most important tweets happen when people are most likely looking at Twitter. At the end of the workday, or perhaps at lunchtime, is when you will find them looking. If you think about it, this is when most people are checking out what's going on in the world looking at their social media accounts for information.

So there you are guaranteed of having the most eyeballs on your tweet, post when most people are looking at their Twitter account. Obviously you can tweet whenever - if people really like your account they'll check out what you've said throughout the day, but why not make it easy for them?

The "retweet" function on Twitter is one that you should make use of whenever you can. The person who created the original tweet gets notified when that message is retweeted by anybody. So if you retweet something, the author will see your name (or Twitter name) as the one who took the trouble to do this. This puts you in good graces with your followers (who see the interesting tweet) and the message's creator (who knows his/her tweet has been shared). If this message's author isn't already following you, he or she may start at this point. When you frequently retweet posts, there's also a good chance some people will do the same for you.

Twitter is one of the most influential social media sites on the web right now. Twitter is diverse enough that you can find targeted followers in any category or niche. Having a Twitter profile, however, doesn't automatically mean you will start getting lots of followers. There are quite a few effective ways to create a powerful presence on Twitter, and we've described some of the best ones. As your influence spreads, you'll find your own unique approach to using Twitter to grow your business.

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