China - As all of fishes lover know, the cloudy fish tank water is likely to cause death of their lovely fished. In this case, if people find that the water in the fish tank is turbidity, they should solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid irreparable consequences. In fact, as long as the finding of the main reasons and appropriate solutions for tank water turbidity problem, then, this problem will be very easy to be got relief. Now, the employee from famous China fish tanks and aquarium manufacturers Fire aquarium manufacture will tell people how to solve this problem.

First, the new tank needs to be washed and filtered frequently. Through a few days filter, it will be able to filter out most of the impurities. Prior to filtering, people should be best not to feed fish in the reef aquarium. Each people need to filter the reef aquarium until the water in it is very clearly and then they can put the fish into them. On the other hand, they could also add a filter into the tank and then a large number of water into the tank will be filtered in a short period of time.

Second, people should insist changing the water every day. Please note that people does not need to do the fully exchanging of the wholly water into the tank and they should only use a rubber tube and then exchange some part of the water. This affair should be done at every day and people could determine the water exchanging amount according to the water quality.

Thirdly, the fish tank need to be placed away from the sunlight exposure and the best choice should be the fishing light irradiation. This is because that the sunlight will easily accelerate the growing speed of microorganism in the water tank.

Fourthly, each people need to frequently clear the algae and controls the amount of these fishes and then appropriate reduce the number of fish in the water tank . If the number of the fished in the water tank is too large and the everyday feeding is too much, it will be equivalent to the increasing of the amount of pollution.

Fifthly, the best choice to clear the water into the fish tanks should be the planting of the water plants which could be good helper of purification for water. By the help of these water plants, the inner environment into the water tank could be changed into a small eco- park and then the water will become very clear.

In a word, the employees from famous China fish tanks manufacturer hope each people could get good inspiration for maintain their fish home.

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