Ann Summers is a British multinational company that sells se x toys, lingerie, underwear, swim wear and cosmetics in more than 140 high street outlets in Ireland, the Channel Islands, Spain and the UK.  The Ann Summers parties in Lincolnshire are part of the business. It is the leading party plan company, with about 4 thousand parties held in the UK every week.


Whether you want to book a hen party or a hen night, a birthday party, or when you just want to get all your girl friends together, you can host an Ann Summers party Lincolnshire. Other reasons to book a party with Ann Summers include


-             It is fun and FREE,

-             You are allowed to try any lingerie before you buy,

-             The party is held in the comfort of your home,

-             Free and discreet delivery is offered,

-             You can preview exclusive offers and products, and

-             The best part of Ann Summers parties Lincolnshire is for the hostess to receive exclusive gift that are not offered for purchase, over and above the 10% that you get from the sales to your friends and guests.


To book and host Ann Summers parties in Lincolnshire, just visit the Ann Summers website and fill out the online form on the page.  Local Ann Summers organizers will contact you for further details. Note that an Ann Summers party in Lincolnshire is free to book, however, guests are advised to bring in a bit of cash with them when they attend, as they might want to buy any of the sale items that are available right there and then. If you are the party hostess and you want to buy something, you might pay less than the actual price of the item.  The reason is because you get 10% of the total sales made to the guests. 


Only women who are 18 and older are allowed to be in Ann Summers parties in Lincolshire.  There may be a performance from an invited stripper which is not suitable for younger ladies, so this should be scheduled towards the end of the Ann Summers party Lincolnshire, when things have already been put away.  Don’t forget, you can invite as many ladies as you can fit in your living room, or whichever room you will be holding the party.  The more guests that come, the higher the sales can be, and a higher commission for you.  So, get your invitees to bring with them to bring a lady friend from outside your group.


Here are some of the activities that are done during the Ann Summer parties Lincolnshire. Guests will play some games to be led by the organizers. The aim is to get the attendees into a fun and lively mood.  After the games, toys and novelties will be demonstrated, the lingerie will be displayed and the guests will be allowed to try them on if they like the style and want to buy. Every guest will be assisted in purchasing some fab products.  There will also be raffles to be held, although participation can be optional.  Saucy prizes will be given away, including se x tips. 



Host a Ann Summers Party Lincolnshire now at your own home. Learn more about Ann Summers Parties Lincolnshire by clicking on the links.