19, October 2015: Do you have a classic car jewelry, wish to make it look better, but don’t know whom to trust when it comes to its restoration? The truth is that the restoration of a classic car is more art, as it requires solid skills in the classic care restoration domain, because they are very different from the modern car we all drive today. So which car restoration shop to trust in New York? Which one is best? Every classic car owner wishes to know that his rare possession is in good hands after it is left in the car shop. Also, it would be great if the store will manage other aspects as well then just take care of the body paint or mechanical part. A project will always look better in the end if it is coordinated by the same team. Not to mention that it is less of a hustle in your case, to have everything done in one single place.

Classic Autoplex, NY, is a promising car restoration shop. They do everything from a classic car restoration to custom designs in New York. The shop can also cover jobs in the surrounding cities, like Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The reputation of this car shop is always backed up by five years in which they have finished numerous projects and brought to life gorgeous classic cars and muscle cars. Car restoration magazines and car shows voted the Classic Autoplex car shop as number one on several occasions. Plus, there are always the testimonies and feedback given by the numerous satisfied customers, which receive an entirely revived car, once they let it in the shop. Everything from the car's mechanical and electrical system, frame, body, paint, and interior, are brought back to the initial state, offering the beautiful initial state of the car, when it first saw the daylight.

Whether you need a classic car mechanical restoration or classic car body restoration, you can always choose the services offered by this classic car restoration NYC shop, called Classic Autoplex, located at: 304 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Office: 718-383-6195 or visit: http://www.classicautoplexny.com. You can also be sure that all the parts used for your car’s restoration are of the highest quality, because along time, during their entire activity, Classic Autoplex built professional relationship with the best vintage parts suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, classic car stock inventory, and vintage car. So everything used in the process will fit your car perfectly. And we all know that it deserves the best since it is a piece of living history. Classic Autoplex wishes you to drive your car proudly after the classic car restoration process is complete. This is why it offers the best services of classic car restoration New York has available in present days.

Join the group of satisfied customers, who already drive their restored car throughout the city, and chose Classic Autoplex to deal with the restoration of your four-wheeled jewelry. It will be handled with care, and the team member will make sure that nothing goes wrong.

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Classic Autoplex NY
304 McGuinness Blvd,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Phone: 718-383-6195
Website: http://www.classicautoplexny.com/