No two brides are alike — some of them might like flashy and shiny rings while others will like something that’s subtle, according to the wisdom of one diamond jewelry store’s founder, Steven Gad.

If the groom is not already going through enough confusion and pressure, now he has the added responsibility of choosing the perfect engagement ring for his bride or risk the occasion being less than perfect.

“Just randomly going with traditional doesn’t cut it,” Gad said. “After all, if you expect her to wear the ring for the rest of her life, you better make some effort and put some time into finding the perfect engagement ring that will win her heart.”

“It’s not even funny how much confusion and misinformation a groom has to contend with nowadays while poring over so many available choices, and we get such grooms all the time,” the founder of said. has helped countless grooms find the perfect engagement ring.

“We never try to sell what’s costly, rather we strive to educate people and nudge them in the right direction so that they can choose what’s right for them,” the proud store owner said. While their store boasts one of the widest engagement ring collections available online, every single one of their handmade rings are original.

“When educating consumers about what type of engagement ring they actually need rather than what they think would be ‘cool,’ we try to get a sense of their budget, what particular preference the bride has and dozens of other factors before directing them to our one-of-a-kind online store that has every type of engagement ring that you can think of,” Gad said.

Providing outstanding customer service and support is yet another asset that the online diamond jewelry store is known for among its loyal customers, according to Gad. Their long-term goal is to keep striving for a better customer experience every time while helping customers understand how to pick the perfect engagement ring, one bride and groom at a time.

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