With the advances of contemporary digital technologies, an amount of super compressed media containers have been introduced to the masses. One of such containers is known as FLV or flash video format, and also this format is very popular among individuals sharing their movie files through all possible mobile devices and online. Supported by ultra-modern mobile devices and various online media sources, FLV is one of the many convenient video formats. The only downfall of this structure is that it can be really problematic to edit FLV files on Windows.

As extended as Microsoft Windows Film Maker and also Apple QuickTime do certainly not recognize or perhaps open FLV files, it is impossible to edit or run them in these applications. The only 2 ways out are either to convert FLV files into a couple common digital video format (such as MPEG4, AVI, or DivX) or to edit them in FLV video editor. The latter way is probably the most convenient of just about all other people, because today many FLV video editors have an in-built Movie Converter.

Given that FLV is one of the top digital video formats today, more as well as more online media sources create it possible for users to share their movie files in FLV. This format is also extremely convenient for mobile device users, due to the fact it does definitely not need too much memory of your flashcards. Hence, if you want to create or edit FLV files, there can be a good reason for you to use such simple application as FLV video editor.

The first thing for you to do to edit FLV files is to download and install FLV movie editor. Once the application is installed and also established, you can start modifying your own video files. With such Movie Modifying Functions as Video Clipper, Video Merger, and Video Cropper, the application gives you a possibility to clip, crop, or perhaps merge your FLV video files. FLV movie editor additionally has a number of more features allowing you to include video and also audio effects, to create fast transitions involving the parts of your movie project, etc.

Aside from FLV structure, FLV video editor also supports such common digital movie formats as MP4, ASF, 3GP, WMV, MTS, MOD, camcorder movie, TOD, HD, and SD. It additionally supports a number of sound formats, including such popular formats as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, as well as OGG. Finally, it supports the most common image formats, known as JPG, JPEG, and BMP.

Once the video file is loaded to FLV video editor, you can drag as well as drop it to the Timeline panel of the application. Note that you can either add file or perhaps we can additionally Import Video from the HD video device, video camera, or mobile device to weight your own video file into video editor.

Just about all you ought to do to clip or perhaps crop the FLV file is to click the Scissors button as well as cut off all unnecessary parts of your video. To merge two files, simply drag the 2nd video file to the Timeline panel of FLV movie editor. In order to create smooth transition between Video An and also Video B, just click the Settings tab and choose the Transitions sub-tab. There is a number of possible transitions provided by the application, however you can also add your audio, image, or perhaps text if we so desire.

As soon as we have finished editing your video project, to preview it in a special Preview Window of the application. Then you can adjust the output settings, like output movie resolution, output movie format, output sound bitrate, as well as output path, before saving the video file in either FLV or other digital video format.

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