To eat healthy without having to make sacrifices in terms of taste and consistency…it is really possible? For sure, many of you have asked this question at least once. Well, the answer is: yes! All you have to do is order grass fed beef online and look for some interesting recipes! A nice roast from the finest grass finished beef ranches have to offer or a tasty hamburger…are only two of the recipes at hand! For more recipes and the best grass fed beef, please visit a certified retailer!

If you haven’t heard anything yet of organic beef, then it is about time to start learning why and where to find such a beef! Basically, grass finished beef means that the cattle have been fed only with grass: no grains! By feeding the cattle with grassland 100% chemical free, without any pesticides or insecticides and so on, the farmer guarantees a beef meat that is 100% organic.

In other words, it’s the healthiest beef on the market! However, grass finished beef is not only extremely good for our health but is also very tasty. And when you find the right recipe, success is guaranteed! Not to mention that buying grass finished beef online from a certified organic rancher you know that the meat is as tender as it can be! Without pumping the cattle with grains and processing them when they are 24 months old, the beef is spectacular as a taste!

So, now, the only question is how to cook grass finished beef? Well, it depends on what type of grass finished beef online retailers have but also on the number of guests and the event. For example, for an outdoor barbecue with family and friends, some ribs and steaks would be just perfect. On the other hand, a few hamburgers made from the finest ground beef. A vegetable salad on a side and maybe some baked potatoes and the menu is perfect!

Of course, you can always try more exotic combinations such as mango and plantain beef and even a breakfast skillet with sweet potatoes. Curry meatballs, sous vide grass fed beef and broccoli, avocado stuff burger or a smoked grassfed brisket as you have never tasted before…for enjoying the refined taste of grass finished beef these are only some of the recipes you could try.

The secret is to find a recipe that will surprise your family and friends. As any experienced chef will confirm you, cooking beef is not as difficult as it sounds. And when you are cooking the finest beef on the market, half of the job is already done. So, don’t waste any more with any type of beef and just order the best and the healthiest grass finished beef online! And, as you wait for the package to be delivered, you can start looking for recipes! How about a nice paleo burger?!

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