Forthcoming Launch Of Much Awaited Book By Rev. Dr. Ne Be "How to Force God to Answer your Prayers"

Atlanta, GA  October 8, 2015 Your Miracle Today Network is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of “How to Force God to answer your prayers" The ultimate guide on praying the prayers that get results by Rev. Dr. Ne Be.

In “How to Force God to answer your prayers,” Rev. Ne Be provides numerous biblical examples of the power of prayers and reveals A Secret Prayer Formula that readers can start using right away to make their prayers produce results.

Rev. Be says, “Getting your prayers answered is no more mysterious or uncertain than the radio waves all around you. Ask correctly, you get perfect result, but to do this, it is necessary to know how to ask correctly, and this is what this book is about. This book covers everything from the meaning of prayers, the right time to pray for specific need, what to do before praying, how to stay connected to get faster results, how to test your belief for your specific request, how to use colors in prayers and more, this book is a must-have in every household."

Rev. Dr. Ne Be is a Miracle Doctor/Spiritual Healer, Experienced Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Dr. of Divinity and the Founder of Your Miracle Today Network.She is directly connected with the Supernatural Power through the Deep Soul. She knows the Power of GOD and GOOD. She knows that the Power she is using is Definite, Scientific, Dynamic, Spiritual, Absolute and Complete, and that It works.

She has worked with individuals all over the world through both distance and one-on-one. She has helped countless people as a miracle worker/spiritual healer and life coach.She has assisted with many successful surgeries and has helped hundreds of thousands boost their health and wealth and live more abundant, fulfilling and happy lives. Celebrities, athletes and businesses have paid tens of thousands for her miracle treatments.
"How to Force God to Answer your Prayers" will be available October 9, 2015 through your miracle today website

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Profits from the book will be used for construction of "Miracle Center" project.
Questions may be directed to Hillary Bush [email protected]