Social bookmarking is one of the most popular options for people who want to send specific and targeted traffic to your site or blog. It doesn't really matter what kind of niche you have chosen to target, if you do social bookmarking correctly, you'll get a wonderful flow of visitors to your site. There are dozens of social bookmarking sites online that can all be leveraged for promotional methods but that does not mean that you need to resort to unethical behavior like spamming. It is important not to follow the status quo; creative thinking is what wins the day with these social bookmarking sites. After you have figured out the nuances for social bookmarking sites and figured out how to use them, you'll get lots of visitors for these sites.

Sales Pitches are A Big No-No: When you're using social bookmarking to get visitors coming to your site, you have to keep in mind that the majority of the people that are browsing these sites are looking for pure information and nothing more. This is the reason that you should never ever bookmark your sales page because all that is, is direct selling. Users on social bookmarking sites will instantly know that your intention is directed towards making a sales pitch and not helping them out. This will make all your efforts backfire. What you need to do instead is direct social bookmarkers to a pre-sales page that is filled with information that benefits your chosen niche so that your sales prospects will be warmed up toward you before you hit them with your sales offer.

Use a Good Title: It is a mistake to try to put your URL in your title because the title needs to prominently feature your unique selling point. It is a good idea to include your primary keyword in your title so that the search engines will be more likely to index you and make it easier for people to find it. The title is an area that isn't given a whole lot of attention by the majority of webmasters out there and it is due to this lack of attention that they have low click through rates.

Describe Things Well: When you talk about your link, it is important to be informative but also creative. The main reason for this is that people who find your link won't just look at the title; they'll also analyze your description as well. So make sure this description has your targeted keywords along with understandable content. Entertaining and Concise are the Name of the Game: You need to get to the point in every place--both with your bookmark description and your title. You won't have a lot of room for descriptions so you need to keep it clever and to the point. Imagine that you are writing your own advertisement except you don't have to do any directly sales here. Try practicing these skills for titles and descriptions, and soon you will have the skills totally developed. To conclude, this article clearly shows you how you can make your social bookmarking a lot better and more effective in terms of sending traffic to your website. It'll take some real time before you are able to see a return on the time you have spent but in the end it will have been well worth it.

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