China - Whether it is the football game of real world or virtual world from the football game such as the famous FIFA 14, the penalty shootout could let each player and football fans become crazy. The penalty shootout in the famous football game FIFA14 is also particularly exciting. Now, the following information which provided by the famous fifa 14 coins online seller will introduce with people some raiders about the FIFA14 penalty.

Generally speaking, the penalty shootout in the game generally refers to that the football game could not be determined the winner in the case of 90 minutes playing and 30 minutes extra time race. In this kind of situation, the game playing will be turned into the penalty shootout match. However, the FIFA14 game is very user-friendly and each gamer could directly enter into the penalty match in the main interface of this game.

When people enter into the officially game, there will be a team club choice button and each gamer could choose their favorite football club. After the selection of the football club, then, each gamer could have the choice of the penalty shoot and then people could choose their preferred five players at the front list for the penalty match. That is to say each people could directly have the penalty match if they want to experience this playing mode.

Thirdly, the offensive side is the ball kicking side. When the penalty match begin, the editor from famous buy fifa 14 coins online seller said that the gamer should kick the ball to the dead angle of the goal gate and the goalkeeper is difficult to stop the ball at this point.

After play the role of the attacker, the gamer will become the role of the defense side. The defense is also the goalkeeper and they will have three directions which are standing still, left and right bashing. The role of the goalkeeper should have very good ability to predict the ball flowing direction. In this case, the gamer should train the defense skills as more as possible. However, the computer player has very good skills to kick the ball in. There are no very good methods to prevent this situation and the only way is more training.

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