Do you remember the time when only college students could access Facebook? It's a time that has been over for a while. Even your grandmother has a Facebook account so you can believe everyone else has one too! Internet marketers have found Facebook to be an ideal platform to drum up interest and generate sales. It can be done in many ways but one of the most effective is by creating a "fan" page for your company. Of course, just creating a fan page won't automatically lead to more sales and more interest. You can use the following ideas to become more popular on Facebook and increase the size of your business.

You need to make sure your site features the widget from Facebook. This is one of the easiest ways to let people know that you have a Facebook fan page. The widget isn't hard to make. You have everything you need on Facebook to do it. You simply have to make the widget, change its design to look how you want and then insert the code into your site. Even though some put their widgets in the footer or on a special page, the best place is actually on the sidebar. Not only does the widget link to you but it shows how many people already "like" you.

It might attract more people once the number starts to grow, even if it is embarrassingly small at first. Photos on your fan page is one way to make people like it. If you have life events on a regular basis, these images can be posted regularly. Once you take the pictures and put them on the fan page, people contact themselves once they are up. This adds the photos to their pages as well without them having to do any downloading or uploading or anything like that. By uploading photos in this manner, and a lot of them, people will explore your page more often. The more live events that you do, the more imagery you will have to post on your page which will help improve your popularity.

Insert a link to your Facebook fan page on all your personal profiles. Whether it's a profile on a forum, a professional site or a personal message service, ensure that your page is listed there.

Include a link to your Facebook fan page on any site that lets you build a profile. You have to be a good community member if you want people to give you more "likes" which means you need to put up quality posts and comments every once in a while. Without a doubt, our culture has been significantly modified through the integration of Facebook. Here to stay, Facebook has championed its way past flash in the pan companies like MySpace and seems to be here for the long run. A Facebook fan page is something that every serious Internet Marketer needs to have in order to professionally represent their business. Now you know what to do. Get a Facebook fan page and start having people "like" it using the many strategies we have presented. Good luck and may you be profitable!

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