16 January, 2014: Do you want to grow taller? Then be prepared to be amazed by the claims made by Lance Ward who has just released his updated Grow Taller Pyramid Program which promises to show you how to grow taller with fast and efficient results guaranteed. 


We asked Lance what the Grow Taller Pyramid Program is and who it’s designed for? 

Lance went onto say that this program is a proven Step by Step Guide which shows you the ‘SECRETS’ which can help anyone grow 3-6 inches taller in as little as 6 weeks. Before he found the answers that he needed, Lance was struggling to make a living as a professional wrestler, one of the many sports dominated by very tall men! What he discovered, helped him grow from 5ft 8” to 6ft 2” in just 90 days, in his own words, his life completely changed and all for the better. 

The Grow Taller Pyramid Program has been recently updated and is designed to give quick Step by Step advice to anyone who wants to learn how to grow taller. He also stressed that you don’t need to be a man or be involved in contact sports to use this program; anyone can use the Grow Taller Pyramid Program and see great results, fast.

We then asked Lance about how the program is broken down and the level of commitment required to achieve these height gains? 

Lance told us that the program is called a pyramid because it is simply a collection of height gain stages. When you start the program, you begin at stage 1 where you get full instructions and guidance about how to complete that height gain stage. You need to successfully complete a stage before you move on but this is really achievable and help is available along the way. 

Every 30 days the grow taller team send you new instructions and a workbook which enables you to follow the Grow Taller Pyramid Program. If you don’t quite meet the goals for that stage then you are encouraged to repeat those instructions before moving on. 

He went on to say that of course commitment plays a big part in this program but you wouldn’t be reading this or actually doing the program if you didn’t want to know how to grow taller and please remember; with the Grow Taller Pyramid Program you are never alone. 

We asked Lance if he had anything else to tell our readers about the Grow Taller Pyramid Program? 

Lance said that The Grow Taller Pyramid Program has been enhanced by carefully listening to their past and present customers. The grow taller team has received a lot of feedback about the intense schedule which the ‘how to grow taller’ program places on people. To get the best results quickly, this schedule is very important but they also wanted to add some flexibility into the program for when the unexpected happens (like feeling ill/family matters etc.). So the Grow Taller Pyramid Program has now got ‘Cheat Days’ which can be used to concentrate on other matters! 

He did go on to say that you don’t need to use these ‘Cheat Days’ of course and if you don’t you should get to your height goal even quicker but the grow taller team think it’s good to have this option. 

Our conclusion: 

If you are concerned about your height and need a Step by Step Guide on how to grow taller then the Grow Taller Pyramid Program might be a great read. If you’re determined to find out how to grow taller we suggest you take a look at this popular publication today. http://howtogrowtallersecret.com/Go/GetTaller/ 

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