Boston, Massachusetts, July 24 - The auto accident attorneys at Patriot Law Group ( want you to know that finding the right auto accident attorney can have a major impact toward getting all the money you deserve in a settlement or verdict.


The first thing to look for is a local auto accident attorney who lives and works in your area.  A good auto accident lawyer will know the local laws, the local courts and the auto accident attorneys who may be chosen to represent the big insurance companies.


“It‘s best to hire a vehicle accident attorney who doesn‘t take every case,” said Irwin Pollack, lead auto injury lawyer and founder of Patriot Law Group. At Patriot Law Group we only take about a third of the cases that are offered to us because we want to make sure we can devote the time, attention and diligence to get our clients everything they are entitled to.”


Insurance companies have unlimited budgets and countless auto accident attorneys at they‘re disposal. That‘s why it‘s important to hire the best vehicle accident attorney to fight for you. To help win the fight, the auto injury lawyers at Patriot Law Group offer their No Fee Promise, which means no client ever has to pay anything until there is a favorable outcome in their case. This Promise levels the playing field when it comes to fighting the big insurance companies and their teams of auto accident attorneys.


About Patriot Law Group vehicle accident attorneys.


Unlike the lawyer referral services who are paid by personal injury attorneys to recommend them, Patriot Law Group is a team of highly experienced local, personal injury lawyers who fight for clients who have a personal injury case. Their expertise includes motor vehicle law, medical malpractice law, workers compensation law and any other type of personal injury case. To learn more about Patriot Law Group visit: or call 1-800-214-4537.