The best known type of cancer in the United States is skin cancer. It affects a number of people throughout the world. It is also among the most easily detected and avoidable types of cancers. Because skin cancer can normally be seen with the naked eye, doctors have a much easier time identifying it early on. A lot of people want to know skin cancer statistics 2012. Because these are not fully published, people must rely on earlier statistics.

Skin cancer is known medically as melanomas of the skin which are cancerous. The risk of skin cancer is much higher in Caucasian people than African Americans and Hispanics. This is because the natural melanin helps protect against the unnecessary UV radiation. People that have darker skin naturally have more melanin. People who have freckles and fair skin that burn easy are in the greatest risk for skin cancer.

The easiest way to find skin cancer statistics US is to check it out online. This would provide a myriad of results. Over 59 thousand people were clinically determined to have skin cancer in 2008. Including over 38 thousand men as well as over 25 thousand women. It is evident that skin cancer affects men than women. Over eight thousand people died from melanomas of the skin, which includes over 5,600 men together with over 2,900 women. This is a lot of losses for a lot of wives, husbands as well as children.

You could also research skin cancer statistics by state. This greatly narrows down the information. States which have higher populations most likely have a higher incident of skin cancer being reported. Additional factors that can also greatly increase the chance of skin cancer is sun exposure. Lots of people think that direct sunlight is needed for Vitamin D. This is true, but you get all the Vitamin D you will need within the first five to ten minutes of real sun exposure. After that, the sun can burn the skin. Any kind of burning of the skin greatly increases the likelihood of skin cancer.

Tanning beds and skin cancer statistics seem to go hand in hand. You are at a higher risk of having skin cancer if you are using a tanning bed. Tanning beds have been used to change the color of a person's skin. While trying to get a bronze glow, you are also putting yourself at risk for melanomas of the skin. The appearance you are going for can easily and safely be achieved with lotions which simulate the look of tan skin. It is always wise to go with the safest option to protect your skin.

Another reason tanning and skin care statistics are so much higher is because of the direct UV exposure. People that work in tanning salons might argue against this but there is no avoiding the facts. This is also true for people who lay out in the sun just to tan their skin. What they are doing is actually harmful for their future. If they continue on a path of mistreating their skin it is likely they could end up with skin cancer.

The skin cancer statistics 2010 indicate that the rates continue to grow. Over two million individuals are diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States yearly. The current estimates explain that about one in five Americans will have skin cancer in their lifetime. Over the last 30 years, melanoma rates have seen a rapid increase. This is due to people not wanting their natural skin color and also overexposure to harmful sun and UV rays.

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