13, August 2015: Summer is coming, the temperature is soaring, and the weather becomes changeable. There will be a variety of small problems when riding Airwheel intelligent scooter. Airwheel’s editor is going to teach three techniques to protect your beloved scooter and provides you a safe riding experience.


Do not exposure the scooter to the blazing sun

The experts of Airwheel intelligent scooter bring an advice to the consumers: in the summer, it is strictly prohibited to charge at high temperatures. Heat is generated when the battery is charging and the battery temperature will increase. If coupled with a high ambient temperature, it could be easily lead to premature battery water loss increases dry. At the same time, if charging the battery is too hot, it is timely to go to Airwheel service point for battery testing and maintenance.


Do not ride Airwheel intelligent scooter in a rainstorm day

Summer is also the season of concentrated rainfall. Due to rainfall, many users of Airwheel electric scooter often are “lying at home." As we all know, the current electric self-balancing scooter’s controller, batteries, and other measures are waterproofed, but that does not mean that an electric car can be ridden on a day raining dogs and cats. In the rain, especially heavy rainfall, Airwheel electric scooter is hard to control and easy to break down. Don’t ride Airwheel intelligent scooter in a heavy rain day. Do not even expose the scooter in the open air when raining, because the electric car battery is afraid of water. If one has to ride the scooter, he or she must pay attention to the water depth and make sure the water doesn’t reach the half of the wheel.

In summary, the maintenance work of Airwheel intelligent scooter needs to be strengthened in daily use, in order to only to ensure a good scooter performance and bring a safe and efficient trip to every scooter lover.

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