GIF animation is an essential part of work of almost any graphic designer. There‘s no doubt that every internet user saw moving pictures at various websites and wondered how and with use of what developers can make a GIF animation.

In fact, the creation of GIF animation, for example, with the use of our GIF Maker is a simple process, although it requires a long preparation. But the designers‘ effort is often worth it: a bright moving GIF animation can instantly attract the attention and realize almost any original story.

Why should I make a GIF animation with the GIF Maker?

As mentioned above, before starting creation of GIF Animation with our free online GIF Maker, you should prepare for it properly. Namely create a set of frames, which will later become a single "live" image. Despite it requires considerable time to be spent, you may trust your effort will be worth it, because the resulting GIF image will have many advantages:
• To place a GIF animation on the web is easy. Moreover, this procedure has practically no difference from the placement of conventional static image.
• Ones you have created an animated image with the use of our GIF Maker, you can immediately download it into the cache. That means that there is no need to re-access the server in future.
• Viewing GIF animations does not require any additional plug-ins.
• For website integration of the GIF animation that you have created with the GIF Maker, you do not need any programming skills.
• Due to compression GIF animations have smaller size.

How to make a GIF animation with the GIF Maker. User‘s manual.

For those who does not know: the GIF Maker is a specialized free online program that allows you to make a GIF animation consisting of any number of frames in some seconds. The main advantage of the GIF Maker is the ease of use: the process of creating GIF comes to a few simple steps:
• Selection of multiple images;
• Loading frames in the desired sequence;
• Pressing the “Create GIF” button.

In just a few seconds with the use of the GIF Maker you are getting high quality GIF animation. Now load it on your computer, integrate in the site or send to your friends! And if you want during the process of creation you can simply check the “Show in gallery” option - and your GIF animation will appear in the site gallery and will be visible for other users!

The GIF Maker gives the opportunity to make a GIF quickly, easily and without any cost!

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