Every aspiring photographer today will know the importance of an online portfolio. But the question that intrigues many is how to make a photography portfolio online. If this is your question as well, read on to find all that you need to know to create a high quality graphic designers portfolio.


The Common Mistakes Made while Making a Portfolio 

In order to create a photography portfolio that best serves the purpose, it is important to avoid the errors that are most prone to creep in while creating an online photography portfolio. One of the commonest mistakes that photographers and even some web designers make while putting up a portfolio is to incorporate many photographs that are similar either in appearance or in genre. Incorporating photos from a single shoot, that is, ones that were taken at the same location and are just slightly different, can put off any portfolio visitor instantly.


The images that are to be included in the portfolio should be able to portray the variety of fields in which you have worked. Ensure that there is adequate representation of all the broad genres of photography including but not exclusive to fashion, travel, food, wildlife, sports and lifestyle. This inclusion forms a major part of the answer to the question — “how to make a photography portfolio?”  


Even in the diverse fields, it is important that you do not add just anything from your book of photographs. Only the ones that you feel will be able to best define the nature and spirit of your work shall find place in the portfolio. Another faux pas would be needlessly changing the format and layout of the images from vertical to horizontal and vice versa.


Another problem with learning photo artists is that they just tend to have a shot at just anything and everything. The present age where clicking images cost photographers nearly zilch has a lot to so with this. However, it is important to understand that in spite of taking continuous shots, it is lot more important to edit the right image. Most people fail miserably here. Somehow or the other this is directly reflected in the graphic designers portfolio.


Make do only with Images that are worthy of the Portfolio

In order to draw any significant advantage from your online portfolio you will have to understand that besides all the jazzy new features that the internet has come up with, in the portfolio all that matters is the quality of the photographs that are included. Unless you yourself are able to laud the image, do not expect others to go gaga over it. Only the ones that are not only technically accurate, but also aesthetically meticulous should make it to the online portfolio.


Is Tailoring Different Portfolios the Right Idea?

The number of portfolios that you wish to maintain is completely up to you. You may choose to opt for different portfolios for different genres of photography. The one thing that should be safely avoided is trying to prove to the world your ‘competence’ in photography. It is imperative that anyone hired professionally for a shoot will be competent enough. The key should rather be on proving the uniqueness in your photography through the online portfolio. That should be the final paragraph in the answer to the question, “how to make a photography portfolio?” 


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