Hanging out with friends and enjoying the most delicious cocktail recipes from professional bartenders is cool and it definitely seems easy. However, until you buy your own tequila bottle and try to make one of your favorite drinks, you cannot realize what a fine art it takes for blending the right flavors in the right amounts. Have no fear; there is still a chance for you to make dazzling beverages, so consider the following tips.


No matter the alcoholic base of your drink, all respectable recipes should include three or four main ingredients. As already suggested, one of them is the base or the main component, a spirit. It can be anything from gin and rum to tequila and whiskey, yet the essential condition is to obtain a maximum of 75% alcohol in the final dry stage — which means before you add the icing.


After that, the so-called modifying agent comes into play and it should act either as a tampon or as an enhancer of the basic flavor. If the taste of alcohol is too strong or too raw, it will soften it. If, on the contrary, the spirit is light, it will emphasize its shy flavor. Sugars, cream, egg whites, bitters, aromatic wines —vermouth being the most popular — and even fruit juices make a great job for this purpose.


Last but not least, there are also the coloring agents and the special flavors, which are mostly syrups and need to be used with moderation — orgeat or grenadine are the most common. Different cocktail recipes make different combinations from the entire above. If you were hoping to settle for some tequila special drinks, such as Margaritas, Brave Bull or Tequila Sunrise, you might be surprised to discover how each of these has its own variations. Consequently, your technique of mixing drinks is more important than the drinks themselves.


Speaking of techniques and principles, bear in mind that the perfect cocktails have high quality, refined liquors, balancing the amount of sweetness — these beverages should not be sweet and they definitely do not have to cut off your appetite, but rather to stimulate it. Obviously, you cannot stimulate appetite by drinking syrupy cocktails!


Whatever you do, your perfect tequila cocktail should provide a pleasing flavor out of the dry, spirit ingredient, be properly iced and created with a taste for design in mind. It is not just the glass that you use, but also the way that colors blend inside the glass!


If you are not sure how to proceed or which recipe to choose from Sorberita, Watermelon smash, Celery sour, Red Carpet, Hummingbird and other tens of related cocktails, take the time for a short online research. Sometimes, reading recipes will help you feel confident and start putting them into practice. Moreover, you can always look for cocktail videos, which are much more efficient in terms of providing useful indications. Whatever best suits you just try it and you will love it!



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