Through time, people have manifested their preferences towards whiskey, once considered the king of drinks. Even so, most alcoholic beverages and their combinations would have carried a bitter or sour flavor rather than a syrupy one. Now can you think of a more inspired combination other than whiskey sour?


In case you have looked into the way that cocktails are made, you must have already noticed that simple syrup is an essential ingredient. Contrary to what you may believe, the mixture consists from sweetened water kept to cool down in a plastic container, at the fridge. It takes time and patience for all the sugar to melt away and some people really find it complicated. If you are into simple, fast and flavored drinks, the following recipe is by far the most recommended. You may not be able to find a simpler recipe than this one!


Long story short, the whiskey sour blends a type of whiskey with sugar and lemon juice. You give a good shake to the mixture and then pour it in a classic glass, to serve it with ice or straight, upon preference. Some people like to add a little bit of egg white to this recipe, for making it even smoother, but it is not a rule. In the same way, some claim that Bourbon is the best whiskey to use. Yet again, with so many assortments on the market, one can choose what best suits his preferences.


Aside from the short and accessible list of ingredients, we have to underline how easy and simple this recipe actually is. Most ingredients are found in our fridges on a daily base and if you consider the fact that you need no simple syrup to make it, you have even more reasons to try it. Just bear in mind that the secret of your 3 ounces of spirit is to soften them with powdered sugar, to make sure that the beverage will not remain grainy.


If you find it too strong, we have already suggested you to drink it with ice. Even so, another secret would be that instead of throwing the ice cubes into the glass, to put them from the very beginning in the shaker, with all the other ingredients. It will take from its strength much faster and let you enjoy even more drinks!


If you feel like having fun at the bar, try to make a shift by introducing some lemon juice. Nevertheless, the most daring initiative would be to try a version of this popular whiskey sour, widely known as Ward 8. Instead of Bourbon, it uses rye-based whiskey; instead of sugar, it contains grenadine syrup; and instead of lime juice, it has orange and lemon juice.


As a final suggestion, you can extend your horizons from this type of sourness to some others, based on gin, amaretto, absinthe, apple or apricot sour and many more. Again, the only rule you should be following is to never stop from exploring with cocktails! Just remember to base your experimental recipes on types of ingredients instead of individual ingredients!

In the end, whiskey sour is just one option of enjoying whiskey from many more. What is your favorite one?