China - The car DVD player is the most crucial device for today¡¯s car. All of these functions of this kind of Car DVD Navigation could give people much more help in their driving process. In the daily driving of people, the using and touching for the portable car DVD players could not be avoided. In that kind of situation, the maintenance and protection for the car DVD player could not be ignored. For the maintenance method of this kind of car electrical device, the online seller which website is would give people some recommendations about it.

First, people should not let the sharp object touches the screen of the Car DVD Navigation. The screen of this device should be stick one piece of protection film. This would help to guarantee the completely of the screen.

Second, people should pay more attention that they should obey the strictly orders when car dvd they want to shut off the car DVD Navigation. First, people should turn off the page on the screen of the car DVD player and then shut down the device. At last, people could finally pull out the plug. Some owners car want to have convenience and they should always pulling the plug and never turned it off. This method is clearly very easy but it would cause unimaginable damage to the electronic components of the car DVD player.

In the first three times using of the car DVD player, people should charge this device for about 10 hours. This kind of method would help people largely expert the battery storage capacity. People should pay more attention to this method. This would help people maximize the using life of the battery of the car DVD player.

On the other hand, portable car DVD players should avoid to exposure under the sun light for lone period of time. The lone exposure could lead to the larger temperature difference which could not only affect the battery life of navigation but also affect the sensitivity of the LCD touch screen. Do not let car under the intense sunlight.

There has another point which people should pay more attention. This point is that people should preserve their car DVD player if they do not want to use this device. However, people should not put the car DVD player on the prominent position which would be attract the stolen of thieves.

If people want to prolong the applying life of their expensive car DVD Navigation, they should strictly consult car dvd player all of attentively factors before. Only in that way could they use their car DVD player for a long period of time.

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