24 July, 2014: Define “generic.” Here it is. Combine gray metal, boxy design, and an overall appearance that says “knockoff Android tablet,” and you have the Aspire P3. Actually, the tablet is virtually identical to the previous Acer Iconia W700 in design. To give it credit, the P3 has a solid aluminum case, even though from any distance the flat gray looks like plastic.An official Ultrabook sticker comes pasted onto the Aspire P3. That’s a sign, perhaps, that this machine is considered a laptop more than a tablet. It’s not: it’s really a tablet that got a low-end keyboard case, the type you graft onto any iPad. And, unfortunately, this tablet’s as heavy as a laptop. I’d ignore that “Ultrabook” moniker; although from a processing perspective it’s as good as any basic ultrabook, it’s far from being as comfortable to type on as a laptop.

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